Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chunsoo Kim: Motel

Chunsoo Kim: Motel (21 color photographs) at Zone Zero. "...I have always been interested in the anonymous nature of online-communities. The title of this piece comes from a Korean web site. 'Motel Tour' is a membership only online club for Korean young couples that want to go to a Love hotel for their sexual-relationship. (In Korea, most of young people live with their families.) In the website, users upload information (text and photos) about the love hotels that they've been to.
Traditionally in Korean culture, a prenuptial sexual-relationship is Taboo. But younger generations don't accept this any more. Younger people are much more frank and liberal than older generations. Young people had long been suppressed by Korean-family culture. Today they express their hidden desires through the internet and Love hotels."


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