Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lori Nix: Small Dangers

Lori Nix: Small Dangers (31 color photographs) at Zone Zero. "...Lori Nix’s photographs, saturated with color and infused with a dark sense of humor, turn the notion of the traditional landscape on it head. Painstakingly created in miniature, her constructed scenes depict a detailed world where all is not as it seems. Public spaces dedicated to history and science (and a few intimate spaces) lie deteriorating and neglected while nature slowly takes them back.
In her series, 'The City' as well as her previous works, Nix emotes the clash between catastrophe and beauty to depict their co-dependence. She gives the viewer an incidental advantage by offering fenced in tragedies that inherently raise awareness and inspire reflection on our everyday actions and means of survival." Brilliant! Number 9 - "Ice Storm" - just gets better with time. More at Lori Nix Photography.


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