Thursday, May 28, 2009

Souther Salazar: Last Year's Man

Souther Salazar... King of Mars (Mixed media). From the exhibition Souther Salazar: Last Year's Man at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. "...Returning for his second solo show at the gallery, Salazar has created a new series of original mixed-media paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Last Year’s Man features the largest collection of Salazar’s work to date, assembled into a site-specific installation. Expanding upon his signature aesthetic, Salazar’s dynamic compositions are colorful accumulations of simply drawn characters and their surrounding communities. A single canvas might contain hundreds of narratives and microcosmic worlds within worlds. The depth and complexity of the artist’s large, multi-layered paintings are complimented by the minimalist simplicity of his smaller monochromatic line drawings on paper." More... Works by Souther Salazar at his personal site.


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