Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stuart Semple: Everlasting Nothing Less

Stuart Semple... Everybody Sees You're Blown Apart (2009, Acrylic, vinyl, charcoal, chalk and paintmarker on canvas). From the exhibition Stuart Semple: Everlasting Nothing Less at Anna Kustera Gallery in New York, NY. "...The breadth of Semple's frame of reference is a constant adventure; the title for his new series of works ‘Everlasting Nothing Less’ derives from a lyric in UK indie rock act Manic Street Preachers’ seminal anthem ‘Motorcycle Emptiness’. In Semple’s center piece, ‘Angelus’, the motorbike in question is the black Ducati from the iconic Puff Daddy music video 'Missing You' dedicated to the memory of his dearly departed friend the Notorious B.I.G. Also in ‘Angelus’ we see the artist assume the poses from Jean-Francois Millet’s original work. To the artist, this is the ultimate reproduced mimetic image and profoundly emotionally resonant as he personally prayed most days for the first 13 years of his life in front of it."


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