Friday, May 22, 2009

Vladimir Ussachevsky: Film Music, 1962-1967

Vladimir Ussachevsky: Film Music, 1962-1967 at UbuWeb Sound. "...On this recording are two of Ussachevsky's most powerful and innovative scores: Suite from No Exit (1962), from the film of Jean-Paul Sartre's play No Exit directed by Orson Welles, and the soundtrack for Lloyd Williams's avant-garde film Line of Apogee (1967). Ussachevsky's score for No Exit is a traditional soundtrack in that the music was meant to be a background to spoken words. Line of Apogee is quite different: There are only a few spoken words, and the images on screen shift quickly and wildly between weird, dreamlike sequences and partial animation. Here, Ussachevsky's music becomes the primary organizing element, as the various sections of music f low into one another smoothly, easing the shocking effect of the visual changes."


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