Tuesday, June 09, 2009

John Wood: On the Edge of Clear Meaning

John Wood: On the Edge of Clear Meaning at Grey Art Gallery, NYU. "...John Wood (born 1922) has consistently challenged traditional photography, often incorporating painting, drawing, and collage as well as cliché verre, solarization, and offset lithography. The artist emphasizes the role of drawing in his work: 'Mark making, calligraphy, the kinetic motion of the movement of the hand, are very important to me; probably more important than anything else.' Transgressing the boundaries of 'pure photography,' his eclectic practice has helped usher in alternative approaches to the medium. With their adroit manipulations of picture and text, his diaristic, multi-media compositions anticipate today’s digital imagery. On the Edge of Clear Meaning is Wood’s first museum retrospective, spanning his career from the early 1960s to the present."


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