Friday, June 26, 2009

Manitowoc-Two Rivers History Showcased

Manitowoc-Two Rivers History Showcased at the WHS. "...The Manitowoc and Two Rivers gallery of images captures more than 150 years of life in these two cities. Factories, ships and railroads are all preserved in these images. Most importantly, they depict life on the lakeshore where various cultures merged to create two unique communities proud of their heritage.
Originally settled by a mixture of Ottawa, Pottawatomie, Menomonee and Ojibwe tribes, the lakeshore community of Manitowoc was given its name by these first inhabitants. In the Algonquin languages, "Manitou" means spirit; therefore, Manitowoc became the place of the good spirit. Manitowoc's neighbor to the north, Two Rivers, earned its moniker in acknowledgement of the two rivers that flow through the community — the East and West Twin Rivers. The photographs in this collection follow the growth of these two cities whose histories were shaped by their place alongside Lake Michigan.


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