Sunday, June 28, 2009

Recent Acquisitions (And Some Thoughts on the Current Ark Market)

John Kane... John Kane and His Wife (Ca. 1928, Oil on canvas). From the exhibition Recent Acquisitions (And Some Thoughts on the Current Ark Market), July 7 - October 10, 2009 at Galerie St. Etienne in New York, NY. "...The Galerie St. Etienne is extremely fortunate in this year’s selection of 'Recent Acquisitions,' which include a great many works of extraordinarily high quality. We have been entrusted with the sale of a major Expressionist collection, assembled by an unusually astute buyer at a time, in the 1970s and ‘80s, when top-flight material was still readily available. Featured in our recent exhibition From Brücke to Bauhaus, this collection includes pastels and drawings by E.L. Kirchner, stunning watercolors by Lyonel Feininger, early graphics by Erich Heckel, Otto Mueller, Emil Nolde and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, and much, much more. We also have available a number of strong German works from the Weimar period, including several seminal self-portraits by Max Beckmann, two exceptional Dada-inflected woodcuts by Otto Dix and a large group of George Grosz drawings."


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