Thursday, July 23, 2009


Jessica Craig Martin... Pink Lady: AmFar Benefit, Cannes 2008 (2008, digital C-Print, Edition 1/5). From the exhibition Slough at David Nolan Gallery in New York, NY. "...The impetus behind this exhibition is the flexibility of the word slough, which has various interpretations. Pronounced slew, slough can describe a bog-like, swampy, dark, primordial and somewhat mysterious realm. The alternate and less used, but maybe also appropriate interpretation, is a state of moral degradation or spiritual dejection that one cannot extract oneself from. Pronounced sluff, slough refers to that which has been cast aside or shed off, like a skin. It can also describe the manner in which material tends to accumulate at the edges of a performed task, such as the accumulation of dust on the rim of a fan, snow on the edge of a shovel, or trash in the breakdown lane of a highway."


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