Monday, July 27, 2009

Susan Anderson: High Glitz

Susan Anderson: High Glitz. "...High Glitz is a documentary portrait series that looks into the US subculture of child beauty pageants and, more particularly, into the 'High Glitz' genre, which name refers to the young competitors’ couture costumes embellished with glitter. The ‘glitzy’ appearance of the girls is further perfected with a broad array of cosmetic preparations that go from glamour makeup to lacquered hairstyle and flippers (false front teeth veneers). Anderson’s camera records in graphic detail the result of this time-consuming transformation process."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had a chance to look at this book first's an interesting subject no matter how you feel about it, and the pictures are beautiful!

4:16 PM  
Blogger rwad altamiuz said...

Suzanne has been at the University of Colorado and a member of INSTAAR since 2003

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