Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zidlicky 1970–2007

Lens Culture... Zidlicky 1970–2007 - photographs by Vladimir Zidlicky. "...Famed Czech photographer Vladimir Zidlicky began his artistic career in the 1970s as a painter, but soon established a signature style that blurred the distinction between painting and photography.
His rich and complex images often begin with nude figures (dancing, intertwined, floating, piled up like heaps, painted with light), which he then distresses with surface scratches, cross-hatching, drawing, puncturing and ripping. The images are radically transformed with these often violent and aggressive gestures that seem to encase the figures and suspend them in space. As choreographer of his creations, he expertly captures motion and frenzy in multiple exposures and time-lapsed blurring. In the darkroom, he continues to make each piece unique, with expressive toning and further manipulation." More Works by Vladimir Zidlicky at his portfolio site.


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