Sunday, August 02, 2009

Carmageddon - The Cars That Ate Bangkok

Carmageddon - The Cars That Ate Bangkok - photographs by Philippe Blenkinsop. "...For these photographs, Anglo-Australian photographer Philip Blenkinsop camped out in the back of an ambulance belonging to Poh Tech Teung, an independent rescue and body recovery company in Bangkok, Thailand.
In the absence of a government-run institution, Poh Tech Teung were among a number of recovery groups. When word of an accident got out, they sped out into the heat of the Bangkok night in an effort to get the incident first.
There were a lot of accidents.Bangkok has ten million people and three million vehicles (450 new vehicles appear on the roads every day). Traffic laws are few; those that do exist are wholly ignored. Blenkinsop says the Thai’s seemingly total disregard of street-signs, traffic-lights, lanes and other motorists can be viewed two different ways. 'The Western way, irresponsible and negligent with an almost blatant disregard for human life, or the Thai way, a sort of subconscious poetic blend of technology and karma on wheels at high speed, where only the dead deserve to die.'" More... Works by Philippe Blenkinsop at Noor Images, including Tales From The Yellow River Bank.