Monday, December 07, 2009

Nazi Invasion of Poland in 1939 - Images and Documents from the Harrison Forman Collection

Nazi Invasion of Poland in 1939 - Images and Documents from the Harrison Forman Collection at the UWM Digital Collections. "...This digital collection presents over 90 photographs taken by Harrison Forman at the outbreak of World War II in Poland. The photographic collection is supplemented by a selection of newspaper clippings and an article 'Filming the Blitzkrieg,' published by Forman in Travel magazine in December 1939. The photographs, documenting the Nazi invasion of Poland in September of 1939, were recently discovered in the American Geographical Society Library at the UWM Libraries. The images are part of the extensive Harrison Forman Collection that was donated to the American Geographical Society Library in 1987.
Harrison Forman (1904-1978), a Wisconsin native, was an adventurous journalist, photographer, and explorer. He worked as a foreign correspondent for the New York Times, London Times and NBC, and undertook several expeditions to northern Tibet and China in the 1930s. UWM Libraries created several digital collections featuring his images of Afghanistan, Tibet, and China."


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New Scientist
The great alone: Scott and Shackleton's Antarctic

Robert Scott's ill-fated trip to Antarctica and Ernest Shackleton's attempt to cross it are great tales of human endurance. Here we present photos taken by their on-board photographers, Herbert Ponting and Frank Hurley, presented in the book The Heart of the Great Alone.

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