Monday, June 28, 2010

Five Animations by Ali Akbar Sadeghi

Five Animations by Ali Akbar Sadeghi at UbuWeb Film & Video. "...Before there was an Iranian New Wave, there was Kanoon, which became an incubator for some of the country's most celebrated artists--including Ebrahim Forouzesh, Noureddin Zarrinkelk, and many of the protagonists of Iranian cinema, Sohrab Shahid-Sales, Abbas Kiarostami, and Amir Naderi among them. Ali Akbar Sadeghi, who is best known for pioneering a style that mixed traditional Persian coffeehouse painting with the surreal was a Kanoon leader. Featured here are five incredible and rare animations, four historical and one contemporary: Seven Cities (1971), The Rook (1974), Malek Khorshid (1975), Zal and Simorgh (1977) and Coalition (2004)."


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