Friday, October 15, 2010

India: A Pilgrimage By Marilyn Bridges

India: A Pilgrimage By Marilyn Bridges at Throckmorton Fine Art in New York. "...35 black and white silver gelatin prints by the accomplished photographer, Marilyn Bridges. The photographs date from 1993 and 1996, when Bridges journeyed along the banks of the sacred Indian rivers, the Ganges and the Gandak. Here she observed the unfolding of ceremonies that date back to antiquity. In these solemn but prosaic rituals there is an ease -- even a symmetry -- between people and animals, including towering elephants. Bridges’ images exude a quiet dignity, effortlessly capturing both the simplicity and integrity of the Indian people. Most of the photographs were taken in the early morning light, and they have an ethereal quality, which is rich yet calming. Time seems suspended, and we are reminded of the pull of a more spiritual life."


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