Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Manabu Someya Gallery

Japan Exposures... Manabu Someya Gallery. "...Japan Exposures is pleased to present a gallery of work from Manabu Someya, drawn from his series 'Nirai'. Writes Japan Exposures’ editor Dirk Rösler in his review of Someya’s Nirai photobook: 'I have struggled to find some adjectives that would describe the work, and whatever I think of does not seem entirely adequate so the reader should not put too much weight on them. One word is 'lush', even though that is certainly not what the photgraphs are meant to show primarily. The exquisitely warm and brownish color palette, signs of earth and vegetation set an important fundamental tone. We are in a hot and painfully humid place here, a place that lets us move only slowly and longing for rest in the shade of a forest, surely with the expected amount of various exotic insects that would soon settle on us.'"


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