Tuesday, December 07, 2010

In Jesus' Name: Taking Up Serpents

In Jesus' Name: Taking Up Serpents - a film by Al Clayton (1991). "...'At these church services, snakes were taken up,tongue talking or speaking in tongues, strychnine drunk , flaming torches passed under hands and feet, loud, loud music, dancing, rolling on the floor, really exciting stuff. Services started in a mild, restrained way but the tempo went way up, really quick. I can remember thinking that I could keep count of all the snakes and who had which snake but at one service, I felt something brushing against my elbow. I looked around a some guy had a four foot rattlesnake by the tail and its head was brushing my elbow. I left the service quickly and went outside to lean against my truck, gather my wits, or whatever, thinking like Fred Sanford...this might be the big one.'"


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