Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Catherine Wagner: Reparations

Catherine Wagner: Reparations at Stephen Wirtz Gallery. "...These photographs address ideas of reparation and repair through the metaphor-rich object of the splint. From crudely carved wooden slabs to high-tech, molded polymer forms the splint references both injury and health; harm and healing. This is a response to the perpetual presence of images of war. These photographs reference physical traces of efforts to heal physically, culturally, and spiritually.
Each of the objects photographed was constructed to repair a fissure or fracture. They were designed to map onto the human body; to support its recovery and repair or to act as an anatomical extension to a broken body. As such, these splints and prosthesis are corporeal traces, clues to various processes of reparation." More... Works by Catherine Wagner at her personal site.


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