Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Enrique Metinides: In The Place Of Coincidence

Enrique Metinides: In The Place Of Coincidence at Zone Zero. "...Crime reporter Enrique Metinides has spent over 50 years photographing crime in Mexico City. Discovered by a photographer from the yellow press, 'El Indio Velasquez,' who was intrigued by the presence of an 11-year-old child next to him photographing a car accident in the public thoroughfare, Enrique Metinides began to practice his trade at this tender age, earning himself the nickname of 'the Metinides boy.'
Murders, suicides, electrocuted persons, train, car and plane crashes, catastrophes and disasters are the tragic events constituting the obscure universe of this Mexican photographer. His aesthetics is drawn from his taste for ciné noir and his passion for police investigation. His composition is moderate and does not make excessive use of pictures of victims in the foreground. It avoids sensationalism and as Carlos Monsivais used to say, 'There is nothing morbid about Metinides' work.' His position as an impartial observer contrasts with that of those who gaze at his photographs, with their many perspectives that question the spectator. Deafening silence is another great element with which Enrique Metinides composes his images."


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