Thursday, March 03, 2011

Mr. Imagination

Mr. Imagination Mr. Imagination at Barbara Archer Gallery in Atlanta, GA. "...Like a medieval blacksmith manipulating his metal, Mr. Imagination draws from an amorphous slab of sandstone the face of a king or the mask of a god, with no more than a nail. He recaptures the lightning images of his mind's eye and bottles it in the medium of his art, be it sandstone or hundreds of thousands of bottle caps.
It is with bottle caps that his spirit has made it's most recent and powerful declarations. In the glimmering euphoria of his north side apartment in Chicago, imposing thrones of red velvet with large looming backs composed entirely of nailed bottle caps, cast long glorious shadows. The shining body of a boy, his bottle cap dread locks worming about his head, rides a skateboard past a chair interwoven with cigarette packs on which rests a bottle cap vest and jacket."


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