Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Food For Thought - A Group Exhibition

Food For Thought - A Group Exhibition at Robert Mann Gallery. "...Including works by a wide range of twentieth and twenty-first century artists, Food for Thought: A Group Exhibition surveys a range of photographs that are testament to our insatiable appetite for feasting and photography. The exhibition will include images with food as a common thread ranging from classical still lives to commercial commissions advertising their wares to surreal assemblages. What unites these very disparate registers of photographic production is the camera's seductive power to enliven the objects before it's lens, or conversely, for the objects to appeal themselves to the camera's powers. Amidst well-known masters of the genre such as Irving Penn and Paul Outerbridge, photographers such as Ansel Adams best known for their achievements in other areas line up alongside contemporary artists prepared to push photographs of food to new levels. The comprehensive effect is a feast for the eyes."


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