Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Post-Human Nightmares - The World of Japanese Cyberpunk Cinema

Midnight Eye... Post-Human Nightmares - The World of Japanese Cyberpunk Cinema. "...A man wakes up one morning to find himself slowly transforming into a living hybrid of meat and scrap metal; he dreams of being sodomised by a woman with a snakelike, strap-on phallus. Clandestine experiments of sensory depravation and mental torture unleash psychic powers in test subjects, prompting them to explode into showers of black pus or tear the flesh off each other's bodies in a sexual frenzy. Meanwhile, a hysterical cyborg sex-slave runs amok through busy streets whilst electrically charged demi-gods battle for supremacy on the rooftops above. This is cyberpunk, Japanese style: a brief filmmaking movement that erupted from the Japanese underground to garner international attention in the late 1980s."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds good to me! I want to be a part of that!!

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