Saturday, June 25, 2011

Francis X. Pavy: New Roads

Francis X. Pavy: New Roads at Barbara Archer Gallery. "...A lifelong resident of Louisiana, Francis X. Pavy was born in Lafayette on March 2, 1954. As a child, Francis studied art under the direction of Elemore Morgan Jr. In college he studied music, ceramics, animation, painting, printmaking and sculpture, graduating in 1976 with a fine arts degree in sculpture. In 1977 Pavy started working in a glass shop, making leaded and beveled glass windows. In 1982 he opened his own glass studio. He adopted painting as his primary medium in 1985 , but still works in a variety of media.
Francis Pavy's works vibrate with life, color and musical rhythm. The abstract dimension in his works are always profoundly grounded in southern motifs and culture. Pavy touches on many subjects in his work including ,mysticism, love, loss and separation, humor, betrayal ,friendship and loyalty as well as many other themes.Pavy works in many media including paintings,prints, constructions and sculpture." More... Works by Francis X. Pavy at his personal site.


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