Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lieko Shiga: Canary

Pink House Lieko Shiga... Pink House (2007, c-print, mounted on Alu-Dibond). From the exhibition Lieko Shiga: Canary at Galerie Priska Pasquer in Cologne, Germany. "...Galerie Priska Pasquer is pleased to present the 'Canary' series by Japanese artist Lieko Shiga, for which she won the 'Infinity Award (Young Photographer)' from the International Center of Photography, New York, in 2009. In 'Canary', Lieko Shiga combines personal accounts of people and local myths with her own personal memories, feelings and experiences to create fantastic, often perplexing scenarios. The works interact to form a complex, dramatic tableau that vacillates between dreams and reality." More... Works by Lieko Shiga at her personal site.


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