Thursday, July 07, 2011

Alejandro Chaskielberg: The High Tide

Alejandro Chaskielberg: The High Tide at Yossi Milo Gallery. "...Interested in the relationship between people and their environment, Alejandro Chaskielberg has lived in the Paraná River Delta region in Argentina periodically since 2007. While there, he observes the daily routines of the local islanders: fishing, boating, and farming. Drawing from his background in film, the artist carefully recreates scenes from his observations and photographs them at night. The light sources used to illuminate the images are moonlight, flashlights, strobes and lanterns, casting them in eerie and surreal light of unnatural colors.
Chaskielberg’s project, The High Tide, depicts life in the remote community of the Delta, where the river tides determine the activities and movements of its inhabitants. Chaskielberg breaks with the tradition of documentary photography by casting real people in imagined situations based on their own lives. In his photographs, everyday reality is transformed into a dreamlike world where perceptions of color, light and space are challenged." More... Works by Alejandro Chaskielberg at his personal site.


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