Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs

Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs at Bonni Benrubi Gallery. "...Linda McCartney was born in New York City and studied art history at the University of Arizona and also attended evening courses in photography. After settling back in New York, she began her photography career in 1966 shooting portraits of rock musicians. By 1968, her portrait of Eric Clapton was on the cover of Rolling Stone and she made history as the first woman photographer to achieve this milestone.
She captured that era’s most important musicians: Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and many others including her future husband. In 1967, while working in London, she photographed The Beatles at an album launch event and met band member Paul McCartney. They wed in 1969 and raised a family and performed in their band Wings together.
From the mid 1960’s to 1998, McCartney captured her whole life on film: rock and roll portraits, her family, travels, celebrities, animals, and still lives. Her fresh and candid photographs display warmth and feeling for her subjects and are a strong and lasting reminder of her life’s journey and her artistic talent."