Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Brothers

Lens Culture... The Brothers - photographs by Elin Høyland. "...Two elderly brothers, Harald and Mathias Ramen, who lived together in Tessanden, a small hamlet in rural Norway, preferred to share their days and years isolated from much of the rest of the world. They chose, instead, to live in a humble, old-fashioned manner, enjoying nature and each other's quiet company. Norwegian photographer, Elin Høyland, befriended the brothers, and with their permission, photographed them in their daily routines over the course of several years." More... Works by Elin Høyland at her personal site.


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T. Enami

T. Enami (江南 信國 Enami Nobukuni?, 1859 – 1929) was the trade name of a Meiji period Japanese photographer.[1] The T. of his trade name is thought to have stood for Toshi, though he never spelled it out on any personal or business document.
Born in Edo (now Tokyo) during the Bakumatsu era, Enami was first a student of, and then an assistant to the well known photographer and collotypist, Ogawa Kazumasa. Enami relocated to Yokohama, and opened a studio on Benten-dōri (Benten Street) in 1892. Just a few doors away from him was the studio of the already well known Tamamura Kozaburō. He and Enami would work together on at least three related projects over the years.

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