Thursday, August 25, 2011

Miroslav Tichý: Sun Screen

Miroslav Tichý: Sun Screen Miroslav Tichý: Sun Screen at Horton Gallery in New York, NY. "...a solo exhibition of photographs by Czech artist, Miroslav Tichý. The unashamedly voyeuristic photographs in this exhibition, shot with one of the artist’s homemade cameras, feature the traditional subject matter of women bathers. In the accompanying essay for this exhibition, Allan Doyle writes that Tichý’s photographs of bathing women 'evidence a paradoxical coupling of intention and accident.' Doyle writes on the importance of Tichý’s process as a photographer:
'Tichý’s technique harkens back to the moment of photography’s birth, particularly bringing to mind the early ‘sun pictures’ of the inventor of the medium, Henry Fox Talbot. Marked by the irregularities of an experimental process, each of Talbot’s paper negative prints were a singular result of a technology that had not yet shed its alchemical origins. The preparing, exposing, bathing, washing and rinsing of the prints were as important in the making of a photograph as the opening and closing of the shutter. Tichý’s improvisational darkroom technique recovers this irreducibly material, impure origin of photography itself. Like Talbot’s salted paper prints, each Tichý photograph is a unique entity whose beauty bears witness to the vicissitudes of duration; the temporal register of his work is not that of a perfect, punctual moment but of a palimpsest of circumstance.'" Also... Miroslav Tichý - "Tarzan Retired" (Flash Video 04:54) - the trailer for the documentary.