Thursday, September 29, 2011


Ralph Eugene Meatyard... Untitled (c. 1960, Vintage gelatin silver print). From an exhibition of Photographs by Ralph Eugene Meatyard at Gitterman Gallery in New York, NY. "...The core of this Ralph Eugene Meatyard exhibition comes from a private collection that represents the breadth and soul of Meatyard’s work. One part of the exhibition focuses on the figurative, while the other showcases the ways in which Meatyard explored beyond the traditional photographic perspective. A voracious reader, Meatyard was exceptionally curious about a range of subjects and created diverse bodies of work that he would return to throughout his life. Spirituality underlies his often haunting and complex imagery. His experience as an optician gave him knowledge about lenses and vision that informed his work as a photographer, as did his interest in philosophy, especially Zen. This exhibition includes work from several of his bodies of work, including Motion-Sound, Zen Twigs, Light on Water and Romances."


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My husband's favorite photographer.
Thanks for this post.

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