Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Other Bodies: A Collection of Vernacular Photography

Other Bodies: A Collection of Vernacular Photography at ZieherSmith. "...65 found photographs spanning the American 20th century, celebrating its conspicuous beauty and encapsulating a lifestyle of exquisite hubris, baffling habits and poetic leisure. Focusing on the eerie and bizarre found in everyday life, including odd family units, perverse couplings of awkward figures in vaguely familiar places, and solo views of predominantly male figures, the patina of the vintage prints are often enhanced by blurring caused by misfired flash-bulbs, over and double exposures, crude processing and care-worn edges. This singular grouping invites the viewer to see a crooked world through straight and narrow eyes and 65 ostensibly unrelated (and virtually untraceable) sources reinvented as a new, fleeting narrative."


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