Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ubu Roi

Alfred Jarry... Ubu Roi (1965, directed by Jean-Christophe Averty) at UbuWeb Film & Video. "...The plays of Alfred Jarry are considered by many to be the first dramatic works of the theatre of the absurd. They are credited with a great number of literary innovations and are seen as major influences of the dada and symbolist movements in art. Ubu Roi (translated as King Ubu and King Turd) is Jarry’s most famous work. Ubu Roi eliminates the dramatic action from its Shakespearean antecedents and uses scatological humor and farce to present Jarry’s views on art, literature, politics, the ruling classes, and current events.
Ubu Roi first saw life as schoolboy farce, a parody of Felix Hebert, one of Jarry’s teachers. Co-authored with his friend, Henri Morin, the skit was transformed into a marionette play through several versions. In 1891, Jarry published a story, 'Guignol,' reminiscent of the Punch and Judy performances popular throughout Europe, which showcased a vile and murderous Pere Ubu. A two-act version of Ubu Roi with songs for marionettes, Ubu sur la Batte, appeared in print in 1906."


Anonymous Donal said...

Hey there,

Sorry to bother you, but you once posted an mp3 of "America Hates You" by Tami Show. Do you still have the album that the song is from? I've been trying to locate a copy for ages. I lost the actual CD and my hard-drive crashed with my mp3s of it... Would there be any way I could convince you to upload this for me? WOuld be much appreciated ( email is daulphyclub )

In any case, take care,

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Blogger Andrew said...

That came straight from their the Tami Show website (now down). You can find a few Tami Show tracks at Hinah Label -

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