Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brancusi: The Photographs

Brancusi: The Photographs at Bruce Silverstein Gallery. "...Featuring over 40 original prints, each made by Brancusi himself, this exhibition reveals Brancusi’s visionary dedication to the photographic medium as means of personal expression—an art form that the artist explored parallel to his sculpture. The photographs are integral to understanding Brancusi as an artist as they indicate that he was not only fully aware of photography’s power to guide, control, and enhance the viewer’s experience of his three-dimensional works, but also to completely transform them into new works of art. By physically placing and positioning his sculptures in his studio, Brancusi creates complex compositions that often incorporate radical lighting; his photographs express a unique pictorial vision that moves decisively beyond mere documentation and firmly establishes Brancusi as one of the most remarkably innovative image-makers in the history of the medium."


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