Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Videos of Sue de Beer (2004-2012)

The Videos of Sue de Beer (2004-2012) at UbuWeb Film & Video. "...six videos works by New York-based arist Sue de Beer, inspired by everything from ideas of mysticism to the novels of Dennis Cooper. Randy Kennedy, writing in The New York Times says of de Beer's works, 'Time itself is the most often repeated subject of de Beer's work, emerging from images and ideas related to the passage of time. Ghosts, haunting, adolescence, trace memory and erasure find a common ground within this theme.' Featured here are Disappear Here (2004); The Quickening (2006); Room 309 (2010); The Ghosts (2011); Silver and Gold (2011); and Untitled (2012)."


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Jam Smith Ramos

In the aftermath of the The Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011, the Japanese government established an evacuation zone around the damaged nuclear reactors of Fukushima Daichii. Cesium Tours is a visual study of the radioactive wasteland around the Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant, one year after the melt down.

The images shown were taken at various locations between 22 kilometers and 16 kilometers from the the damaged reactors. Access beyond the inner 20 kilometer perimeter is forbidden by the Japanese government and trespassing may be considered a criminal offense.

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