Thursday, October 18, 2012

New York: Stieglitz to Titarenko

New York: Stieglitz to Titarenko at Nailya Alexander Gallery in New York. "...New York City has fascinated generations of photographers. Alfred Stieglitz combined formal perspectives with his romantic imagination to search for 'the spirit of that something that endears New York to one who really loves it... the universal thing in it.' Walker Evans rebelled against Stieglitz’s 'unwonted earnestness' and created his own 'documentary style' pictures of the city. Newcomers like Alexey Titarenko (b. 1962, St. Petersburg, Russia) see New York through their experience in disparate places and with different photographic traditions. Each photographer in the exhibition has his own view of the city, each is enchanted by its secret magic, and somehow a plausible New York emerges from this visual cacophony."


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