Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pentti Sammallahti: Here Far Away

Pentti Sammallahti: Here Far Away at Nailya Alexander Gallery in New York. "...Although the exhibition presents both iconic and lesser known gelatin silver and archival pigment prints made in different periods and sizes, it is not a retrospective per se; instead, it is a reflection of 'the restless Finnish photographer’s craftsmanship, who finds the same odd, melancholic poetry in locations across the globe,' as Sean O’Hagan comments in his Guardian review. 'Looking at the photograph, you feel on the threshold of another, more mysterious world that is indeed here and far away.' Last summer, the artist received rave reviews by the European press for his retrospective at the Arles International Festival, including Francis Hodgson of the Financial Times statement that “his original prints make up the stand-out exhibition among the 50-plus this year."


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